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We have 20 years experience in providing law firms with a comprehensive litigation copying service. This is a specialised, labout intensive, facility provided by our highly skilled, reliable operators, combining a package of A4, A3, A2, A1 & A0 sizes; B/W and Colour copying. Our prices are based upon the complexity of the tasks involved.

Fast running A4 copies of good quality originals @5p
Hand fed A4 copies @10p. Hand fed A4 copies, tagged/flagged @15p
Hand fed A4 copies, enhanced image @18p
2 hole / 4 hole drilling is free.

We offer a wide range of dividers and binders (priced separately).
We offer a wide range of weights and colours for paper and board (priced separately).
We provide plan wallets, acetates and covers as required (priced separately).